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The only person holding you back from achieving your dreams is you! I'm Stacey McCoy and my goal is to help you identify your limiting beliefs and work with you to overcome them so you can truly live a life filled with joy
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Your story may be completely different from mine in terms of your health or your financial situation. It’s been a great ride so far. I’ve developed into a business leader ready to take on the world from a on overweight, lady in her 30’s with low self-esteem and poor health. I love it!

Challenge Group

A Challenge Group is an online community , a safe place you can find support from myself and my coaching squad. Forget the guesswork. It’s time you had the answers and the support you need to finally take control of your health.

Fitness Coaching

Do you love fitness and nutrition? Wish there was a way you could share this passion with others and begin to earn some additional income? Perhaps you’ve started using our fitness and nutrition programs and you love them, but you had no idea you could be paid for helping others do the same thing. Let’s chat! I”m interested in working with others who are ready to change their health and finances for good!

Meet Stacey

I”m just like you…Like most of you, I’m a busy professional and at some point life seemed to just take over and then I looked up and realized I’d gained some extra pounds and had some health concerns. I started from scratch and used the Beachbody fitness and nutrition programs to create a new healthier lifestyle for myself. You’ll love this story!

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I’m excited about sharing factual information you can use to become healthier. That’s what inspires me to write and share not only my story but short educational pieces as well.
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I am in better shape than I have been in years! I no longer have migraines and I have tons of energy!! I am learning so much about myself and my faith. I have learned to believe in myself, to think positive and know that ANYTHING is possible!

The financial changes are a bonus. I no longer have to stress about taking care of myself in between paychecks!

-Koneshia Hill

I was actively fit prior to Beachbody, but now using there programs, I have seen my improvements in my strength, and overall physique.

Before, I was surrounded with negative co-workers, with coaching I am surrounded by the most uplifting and positive people. When I’m consistent with Personal Development, I see the added benefit as well.

– Stephanie Van Beek

It seemed smarter to become a coach because I was going to save on products that work, versus going to GNC, shopping around and hoping for a solution. It was RISK FREE, so what did I have to lose ?!

Physically I lost 50 lbs, spiritually … I’m so on fire for God, and I get better every single year! I’ve helped restore relationships through this. It’s just crazy! Financially, I’m now a full time income earner on my way to 6 figures!

-Sara Boling

Ready to change your life? Let’s get started! 

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