Three Reasons You’re Not Getting a Physical Transformation

Physical TransformationAre you hitting the gym and doing your best, but still not getting the physical transformation you believe you deserve? Let’s discuss the top three reasons why your physical transformation may not be happening the way you believe that it should, and how this is related to the way you’re eating.

What Are You Really Eating ?

If you’re not getting the physical transformation you seek, you should start by taking a close look at what you’re eating. Keep a food diary, and connect with a coach, a health coach, a nutritionist, even a personal trainer that has nutrition background that can really look at what you’re eating. It’s highly likely that you’re not really eating what you say you’re eating. It’s easy to grab a snack here or there, and or eat while you’re cooking. Those small bites of food and drink can add up over time.

Are You Eating Out Frequently? This Affects your Physical Transformation

If you’re eating on the go frequently, this is a common cause of clients not reaching their physical transformation goals. How many times per week are you really eating out? If you’re not in control of where you’re eating, chances are there’s too much sodium, sugar, and  fat in the food that you’re eating. It’s up to you to plan and cook your meals if you’re serious about changing your body.


Portion Sizes are Important

 What do your food portions really look like? How often are you eating seconds, thirds? I used to be a seconds and thirds person. Are you eating multiple portions of what it is you believe may be healthy. If you really don’t see the loss of the fat, the muscle structure coming out, you’re hydration really isn’t right, then you need to partner up with somebody that can help you reach your goals. If you don’t have a plan let’s make a plan.

I’m Coach Stacey. It was awesome meeting and connecting with you guys on my page this week. Feel free to leave any comments or share this with someone you feel could use it. Have a great weekend.


Looking for Fat Burning Foods?

fat burning foodsI keep my eye on the lookout for things that will make life simple and in particular if I find a fat burning food, I like to pass on the information to my readers.

I’m going to tell you two tips about two foods that will help you live healthier,and keep things simple.  That’s what I’m really about.




Keep it Green with Spinach

One of the things I stock up on is spinach. Spinach is a true life saver, and a great example of a fat burning food. I eat anywhere between four and six cups of spinach a day. Here’s why, spinach is chock-full of vitamins and minerals and, it’s extremely affordable. You can buy two bags in most cases, for under $5. Here’s something else that I do with spinach. I don’t even always cook it. I grab it, boom, drop it in the container with my meat. Then when I get to work, I heat it up. Just with the steam, it will cook itself. What makes spinach really great is that it’s high in nutrient value, doesn’t cost a lot, but it’s got a really special protein in it that keeps you full for a long time.


Do you like dairy?

Cottage Cheese Fat Burning FoodThe second food is actually something that a co-worker of mine stopped by my desk last night to ask me about, cottage cheese. I was telling her that I actually don’t eat cottage cheese just because the texture of it. I can eat things like cottage cheese that are warm like grits or oatmeal.  Cottage cheese has a special protein in it called casein.   It is a dairy derivative, but it digests really slowly. If you want to eat a cup of cottage cheese, you’ll gain almost 30 grams of protein.

Those are my two tips for you for today: two foods that help you burn fat and  feel fuller longer. They’re also affordable. You can mix and match them with all sorts of things. Remember, we are after high-nutrient value.

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