Coach Spotlight Stephanie Van Beek

stephanievanbeekMeet Star Diamond Coach Stephanie! She’s a mother of two, wife, Personal Trainer,and an award winning Fitness Competitor. Stephanie has been a Beachbody Coach for 3 years, and she’s incredibly successful.  She decided to use Beachbody as a way to expand her Personal Training Business.

“I was working part time as a personal trainer before I found Beachbody. I was only getting a few clients each week, so my goal of helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle wasn’t growing. With Beachbody, I have the opportunity to reach out to so many more individuals that are looking to improve their fitness and their health. I also have the opportunity to have my own business. I could see the advancement that coaching provided.”


What’s Been The Most Rewarding Benefit of Being a Coach?

Seeing and hearing the results that my clients are getting, and the rewards that my coaches are seeing in their business.


stephanievanbeckHow has Coaching Changed Your Life Physically, Spiritually or Financially?

I was actively fit prior to Beachbody, but now using there programs, I have seen my improvements in my strength, and overall physique.

Before, I was surrounded with negative co-workers, with coaching I am surrounded by the most uplifting and positive people. When I’m consistent with Personal Development, I see the added benefit as well.





What have you accomplished that you never thought was possible?

Coaching has given my the ability to step into a leadership role. A role that I never thought I could do, or believed that I could. Speaking in front of a large group of coaches, that I would normally shy away from, I look forward to now, as I know that the more you do, the more comfortable you get.


If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Beachbody Coaching, I’m happy to set up a consultation. It’s an incredible opportunity that enriches so many lives!  Hit the button below to get started.





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