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Today we’re going to cross off one of the biggest questions that I get sent to me, and it’s,

“Can I spot reduce fat in one area or the other?” You may have a trouble spot on your arms,  abdominal fat, or just some fat on your thighs, and you want it GONE!

I’ve been there and, wished I could get it gone. The truth is, you really can’t spot reduce. A good fitness and nutrition regimen will help you reduce overall body fat. While we wish that we could target where we remove it from, you have to remember, you didn’t tell yourself where you were going to put it on when you were doing all the eating, right? We really don’t have a choice.

I’ll tell you a quick story. There was a recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, where twelve people, participated to determine the if they could spot reduce fat on their lower bodies. Twelve people were placed in a trial, and they worked on strengthening and losing weight on just one leg. What they found at the end of the twelve weeks was that they lost the same amount of weight on both legs, and they even lost some body fat in their upper body, too.

What that tells us, along with a lot of other data that we have, is that you really,  just have to remove the processed food, drink lots of water, get your clean eating in, and do a fitness regimen that works for you, that you love.  Have a good time with your workout, and I think when you do that, you won’t, it won’t feel like misery to you.

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