Like most of you, I'm a busy professional and at some point life seemed to just take over and then I looked up and realized I'd gained some extra pounds and had some health concerns. I had uncontrolled hypertension, asthma, and numerous uterine fibroids masked by my belly fat, constipation, irregularity, and a body fat of 38%.  My doctor asked me if I wanted diabetes, because that was next for me. Me? A healthcare professional and a horrible example..


beforeandafterbbmccoyI've had 4 personal trainers, joined 3 gyms, run 2 marathons, 1 half marathon, 1 bowel cleansing (for a day), and joined a professional athletes training center all with the same results.. NO real support,NO fat loss,NO weight loss and before long I was back to my old habits.

One night I saw an Insanity infomercial, and decided to give it a try. I started Insanity during the summer, in my hot garage here in Florida. I was desperate to lose weight. At the suggestion of my coach, after a grueling first month,I started drinking Shakeology to help me control my cravings. With the meal plans, Shakeology, great fitness program and my coach, I finally found a way to develop a lasting healthy lifestyle. I've kept my healthy lifestyle and today I'm a marathoner and a triathlete. 




Stacey McCoy Triathlon


Stacey McCoy Beachbody Coach


It wasn’t long before I learned about the opportunity to merge my fitness journey with a business opportunity. I have to be honest, as a pharmacist, with a great career, I didn’t want to risk losing my good name. I actually started my Beachbody business as a hobby and for the discount on the Shakeology. In time, as I started to see results I wanted more. So I started to think of things I could do with an extra couple of hundred dollars per month.

I don’t have kids, but I love to travel.. but the number one thing that I lost sleep over at night, was my school loans. Everyone knows that a pharmacy degree at a private school can run you upwards of $100,000 plus. So every penny that I could create to push toward that  monthly bill would be great! It was money that I would create while getting in shape..perfect.

Eventually, I came out of my shell and began to help people the same way I was helped..just by sharing my story and encouraging others on a daily basis.


When I started my business I didn’t have facebook. I connected with clients through the Team Beachbody Message boards and email or the telephone. Things have truly changed a lot of the years! I currently have a team of 20+ coaches, I’ve earned well over $75,000 in sales.

I’m still working full time as a clinical pharmacist, and I run my Beachbody Coaching  Business from home in less than 10 hours per week. I love helping others get their businesses started which not only spreads health but wealth and happiness too. I’ve been awarded several trips with our company, and my own health is the best it’s ever been. I love being a businesswoman. It’s been an incredible journey so far!

Stacey McCoy FitpharmacistYour story may be completely different from mine in terms of your health or your financial situation.  It’s been a great ride so far.  I’ve developed into a business leader ready to take on the world from a on overweight, lady in her 30’s with low self-esteem and poor health.  I love it!

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