Our results are based largely upon what we’re feeding ourselves. I love to eat, I know exactly what it’s like to feel as if you’re giving up all the foods you love to get in shape and lose the weight.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, your taste buds are going to need to make some adjustments..but it’s certainly not the end of the world and you won’t be starving! No one likes a hungry pharmacist .


I’ll share a few videos with  you of my weekly meal prep, this is one of the keys to me losing the weight.

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Hope You’re Hungry ..Some Examples of My Weekly Meals





My Clients Are Cooking Too….

Katie’s cooking for the kids too..
This is an example of meatballs made by Katie. She’s a busy mom of two boys and she’s also a Pharmacist. These are so easy. She can use them in her meals and have them as a snack for the boys.  Click this link for the recipe .

Hinda’s Meal Prep for Night Shift

  So Hinda is one of my clients, she’s a busy ICU/ED Nurse who works 3 rd shift and goes to school. Once she starting using the program life became alot easier .

Koneisha’s Stuffed Bell Peppers..
Koneisha picked up this recipe from the Fixate Recipe Book. She’s a busy career woman with an incredible commute to and from work. This was something she could easily cook take with her or have ready to heat and eat when she arrived at home.
You can grab your copy of the cook book by CLICKING HERE.

Sharon’s Chicken Parmesan..
Sharon is a busy mom of five, who happens to be over 40 and fit. She was looking for ways to shake  up her meals and get cooking. I love the way she used this recipe to create a tasty  meal of Chicken with a side of zucchini. You can grab your copy of this recipe by CLICKING HERE .

Stacey’s Meals
These are mine. I’m in contest prep and I had to find a way to get the nutrients I need while keeping my food clean . I drink Shakeology daily to keep my system functioning at it’s peak and I do my best to eat whole foods whenever possible.

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