21 Day Fix Fitness and Nutrition Program

Earlier today I was scrolling through one of my nutrition groups and I noticed a lady asking questions about how does the 21 Day Fix work. She mentioned she thought people purchased this program from a company called Beachbody, they then began eating small meals from little containers with little regard for macronutrients and they drink this shake along with it once a day called Shakeology. She also mentioned there were lots of “distributors” selling this program with little or no knowledge about  nutrition. I thought this would be the absolute perfect time to help others learn more about how the 21 day fix works, what’s made it the number one in home fitness and nutrition program last year and how countless numbers of people are having great results just by keeping fitness and nutrition simple.

So what exactly is the 21 Day Fix.. who created it?

The 21 Day Fix is a complete fitness and nutrition program created by  celebrity fitness trainer, mom, and national bikini level competitor Autumn Calabrese. The program was created to provide her clients with a solution for weight loss via consistent challenging exercise and clean eating using her patented portion control system. She holds personal training certificates from NASM and AFPA.

What makes the 21 Day Fix so special?

What truly makes this system unique is that we’re bringing fitness and nutrition to your home and removing all the guesswork. So let’s tackle the fitness portion first..

How does the fitness portion work?

21 Day Fix home workout program

The workout schedule is 30 minutes a day 7 days a week for 21 days, and contains a mixture of cardio, cardio with weights, pilates, yoga, and plyometric training. It’s sure to get your heart rate up. You will need to purchase additional weights and up to 20 pounds (along with a yoga mat)depending upon your fitness level.  The 21 Day Fix Fitness program is currently available for purchase via DVD and via Beachbody on Demand (streaming workouts). This program is also available in Spanish.

So I really need help with nutrition..

Since there’s no such thing as bad fitness, but we can also use help with our poor nutrition habits, the nutrition portion of this program is truly where the magic happens. Autumn has taken care to create a unique portion control system that really makes life simple for the client with the removal of macro-nutrient, point and calorie counting that often causes so much confusion and leaves room for error as it relates to meals. “If it fits in the container, you can eat it” she says.

Is this just another diet plan?

So here’s the deal, the focus of the nutrition program is on high quality clean eating in the correct portions for success. There are various levels of caloric intake, so you’re definitely eating more than a couple miniature containers for the day. The meal plans are balanced and allow for each macronutrient group. What I really appreciate most about her system is that planning and meal prep are imperative, but there’s some wiggle room for an occasional glass of wine or a treat. It also comes with a dining out guide to make life easy, let’s face it.. you’re going out to eat with friends.

You can tackle this program and be successful in less than 3 weeks.

It’s simple eating, simple fitness designed to work.

So let’s tackle some Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I only eat from the small containers I see in the pictures?

The containers you see in the pictures are used to determine the correct portion size of the clean eating foods you should be eating. You will fill the containers multiple times daily to create a meal plan that’s 1200 calories and up depending upon your needs.

Is the program safe for Diabetics?

Yes, the 21 Day Fix is safe for diabetics. A complete listing of each food group is provided and the client is allowed to choose from a listing of foods to create a weekly plan. The food plan can be shared with your physician to determine your individual needs.

Does the eating plan come with gluten free options?

Yes it does!

Does the eating plan include vegan and vegetarian options?

Yes, absolutely

How many times per day are clients recommended to drink Shakeology while on the 21 Day Fix?

We recommend replacing one meal a day with Shakeology.

How much weight can I expect to lose on the 21 Day Fix?

Clients and coaches in the test group lost up to 15 pounds in 21 Days, individual results may vary. These are my results from my first time ever completing the program.

 How can I obtain the 21 Day Fix?

You can obtain the 21 Day Fix fitness program and/or 21 Day Fix Challenge pack from me. I host a monthly fitness support group and I’m happy to help you get started. Simply email me to get started . EMAIL: clientcare@fitpharmacist.com

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