ThanksgivingThis past  weekend I took a short trip home to Texas to celebrate the birthdays of two close family members. It’s  always fun to go home, although it takes an incredible amount of effort to make it through the airports these days. Once home,  I realized just how quickly time  can fly by leaving you in a state of shock, what ever happened to 2014? It seems as though we can so easily become wrapped up in being “busy” without taking time to truly develop our nourish relationships around us.

The holidays should truly be a time for us to have fun, relax and even further cultivate those friendships and relationships we’ve had for years. Just listening to everyone speak about the new developments in their lives, I was reminded once again just how important family really is. So often we’ re caught In the ” busyness”of life that we don’t stop to truly listen to what our friends and family are actually telling us.

I encourage you this year to not become so wrapped up in the busyness of the seasons that you miss the good laughs , the lonely relatives that are expressing a cry for help, or the youngster that only wants to have a bedtime story read to them. Watch, listen and pray take time to connect with your friends and family remembering they are truly what this holiday season is about.

Are you guilty of rushing through the season?

Have a fantastic weekend!


Stacey McCoy PharmD, BCPSDr Stacey McCoy is a Clinical Pharmacist, marathoner , amateur triathlete and Beachbody Fitness coach. She’s been practicing pharmacist for 11 years and loves to see the change in clients lives when they experience a physical transformation with Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition.