There are healthy foods that can help control your appetite, help you stick to your diet and even increase your weight loss. Here are four foods that are natural appetite suppressants.

Almonds are quick and easy ..

Almonds contain healthy fats and are an excellent source of appetite-killing fiber. A healthy handful of almonds (quarter cup) contains four grams of fiber which digests slowly so it helps your stomach feel full much longer. Almonds are relatively high in calories and should be added to your diet carefully, fortunately, most of an almonds fat content comes from the monounsaturated fats that contribute to a healthily body.

An apple a day…

Apples may be nature’s most complete appetite suppressant. The apple and the apple peel are both high in soluble fiber and pectin, which help the stomach feel full. Apples also have a high water content to help fill your belly and the pectin also prevents blood sugar spikes that cause hunger. Finally, apples require a lot of chewing, which helps slow your eating and allows your body more time to realize that you’re getting full and no longer hungry.

A study published in the professional journal Appetite reported that women who added three small apples to their daily diet lost over two pounds in 10 weeks, nearly twice that of other dieters who did not eat apples as part of their weight loss program.

I love eggs..

EggsEating a breakfast rich in protein, including one to two eggs, suppresses the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates your appetite. In a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, subjects who ate eggs for breakfast instead of cereal consumed 300-400 fewer calories over the course of the day. An egg for breakfast could keep you from mid-morning snacking but remember to avoid frying your eggs or adding butter, boil or poach your eggs for a low calorie and more healthy breakfast.

Sweet Potatoes are my favorite

Sweet potatoeMost people believe that potatoes are fattening, however, potatoes aren’t really fattening in and of themselves. We make them fattening by frying them in oil or adding butter, sour cream, bacon bits or cheese. Boiled or baked sweet potatoes are not unhealthy and provide starches that control digestive enzymes, leading to prolonged digestion times and a feeling of fullness. Choose boiled or baked sweet potatoes if you want to suppress your appetite as regular (red or white) potatoes are not as effective at resisting your digestive enzymes.