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So, you and I have chatted or perhaps you’ve heard a bit about Beachbody fitness programs, but you’re not quite sure if you’re ready..

Perhaps you know you need to do SOMETHING about your health or want to lose weight, but you’re just not quite sure if this is the thing for you.

You’ve tried lots of fitness programs before but nothing seems to be working…

I know EXACTLY  what you’re thinking!

It can be scary to make the decision to spend money on something because you don’t want to fail or you don’t want to waste your money.

Don’t take my word for it… Listen to these testimonials about our online fitness and nutrition support groups!




Here’s what’s in it for you:

Supportive Judgement Free Support Group’
Fitness Program Tailored to Your Fitness Level
Meal Plan
Portion Control Containers
Meal Prep Teaching
Motivational Tips
Motivational Articles
Certified Nutrition Coach


Just a Few Really Great Transformation Photos!

Testimonials Fit Pharmacist

Mary B



 Chelsea W

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Stacey M


Testimonials Fitpharmacist

Latisha M

Testimonials Fitpharmacist

Chrissy L



Lynda Suttles, Lynda Lean, Beachbody

Lynda S




Alicia S

“I did the shakeology cleanse. I ate healthy which is hard for a southern gal. But I drank 1-1 1/2 gallons of water a day. I exercised three times a week for an hour. I did couch to 5k but I have to do that over didn’t give it my all.”

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ms McCoy. She has truly been an inspiration for me. To see where she’s been and to know where’s she going is amazing. She would give healthy recipes to follow. Workout to do even with a busy schedule like mines. She would check in on you daily just to keep you motivated. It has been a pleasure learning so much from her. Not about dieting but about living a healthy lifestyle.

Nikki R

This was an awesome experience. I am planning. I had an emergency yesterday and was with a loved one in the hospital but do to planning the day before, I didn’t rush to fast food or vending machines. I was able to help care for my Grandfather and I didn’t binge on junk as my emotions were all over the place. That truly was a shift for me.


Nicole S.
“The challenge has helped me into transforming my life to a healthier eating change. I am down 4 pounds and can feel it in my pants. Feeling more energize and Healthy.. I would like to thank all of the coaches for all of there support and motivation..”


Brandii M
“Ok so I went to get dressed for church and my slacks dipped down in the front!! Wow!! What fantastic progress for one week!! I just had those slacks on a few weeks ago and no sagging…thanks to all the support coaches!! I’m keeping on though and I’m continuing to eat clean! I’m motivated now! And I find this fun!!”


Nancy C

“I am feeling lighter, not literally just feel like I have a lot of energy. I also see changes in my body like my pants are sagging. Not to even mention I just feel a lot better.”


Shawana H
“Down 3 pounds. Yay! If I can continue to stay away from the snacks (and the red wine haha)at night I’ll be on the right track. Just finished 45 minutes of pilates now it’s time for a clean and healthy breakfast. Let’s try to stick with better choices. Both diet and physical activity are the keys to staying in good health and good shape.


Alisa B

Stacey is a wonderful team member that I had an opportunity to work with . She is so supportive and motivating . She is a amazing coach . I know that if you had her as your coach she would be there for you ever step of the way on your fitness journey .




Amanda R
“I feel so much better, and now I’m back to exercising again. I really like the 21 Day Fix.”


Stacy J
“After the first round of the 21 Day fix,I can say the weight is coming off. I lost 20 pounds by week 2. My eating has dramatically changed and I like the way I feel. I’m determined to stay on track. The program is really helping with my lymphedema.”


Amanda S
“Things are good! My weight loss from my 21 day fix was 11 lbs, which I was happy with!!! As far as the diet, my 21 day fix experience really prompted a total lifestyle change for both Hal and myself. We have pretty much cut out anything processed, try to buy organic as much as possible, and just try to stick with eating clean!! It has really made a difference! I’m continuing to lose about a pound a week, without really “trying”.Thank you so much for everything again!! All of your support, encouragement and advice really helped!!! You’re awesome!”


“You’re so good at what you do. I’m plugging away here. I’m continuing the 21 Day fix until I reach my goal (20 pounds). I’ve lost 10 pounds after my first round!!”


GiGi B

newcoachgigi“Good morning Stacy,
sorry to be MIA! I have been crazy busy! Things are going great! I completed my first 21 days and have not felt this good in a long time! I started the program 238 pounds! I am down to 226!! That’s right 12 lbs!!!! How awesome is that! Already started again! Thank you for being a great coach!!”


” I Lost 26 pounds in 5 months with Chalene Extreme and Shakeology. I love the way I feel!”


Odia M

” It’s my second month. I lost 7 pounds within the first 30 days with Hip Hop Abs and Shakeology. Feeling great!”




Andres Q

” I lost 26 pounds with Insanity and cleaner eating, man I feel like a new person.”





“Week two math. 3 + 1= 4. Four pounds gone in two weeks”


“Ok I ran 18 miles, came home made my chocolate Shakeo with an extra scope of vanilla protein and tablespoon of PB! Feeling Great! Maui Half completed yesterday!

“ALISA!!! ALISA!!!! GUYS!!! I was doing my Tai Cheng today. And the Neuro Reboot is the hardest part of it but the most helpful to me. I have been having a difficult time with it, and some of it was really really hard for me to do. WELL>>>>> TODAY I planked the entire time!!!! LOL I couldn’t plank before, i would do the one on my knees. A few weeks ago I tried to plank and did it for a few seconds. Well this time I did it the whole time the tape was doing it! My upper arms shook some, but I was able to do it. It wasn’t shaking bad where I would collapse. I DID IT I DID IT!!!! and also noticed my strength is improving. My right side doesn’t shake and tremble anymore. My left side still trembles and shakes though. But I am actually seeing improvement in my strength. THE WHOLE REASON I’M DOING THIS!!!! My mood is on top of the world!!! Today my left hip is out i’m having a lot of pain. So my stances I had to manually use my hands to place my hips in the right position. But I placed it there and it stayed and I did the routine! YES!!!! VICTORY!!!!



cara1year ago today, Stacey, my past coworker and now coach, guided me through a food cleanse. My health and life has changed drastically in the year 2013! My goal for 2014 is to appreciate each day and continue to move forward. I am grateful




Doreen D
“Stacey, Thought a lot about how/ what I would answer for this. Don’t want to do pictures as I don’t see a huge difference from when I started, although I am 16 pounds lighter!!! What I have learned from being part of this group: I am not always going to do what I should to take care of myself and that is ok. What is most important is that I am more AWARE of what I do. And when I reach a slump, I can get back up and start again. This group has been accepting of my good and bad and supports me in whatever direction I am going. I ran one 1/2 marathon and a couple of 5k’s this year and will end the year with a 1/2 marathon. 2014 will start with two and my goal is one a month. Have registered for Feb and April. Need one in March. I have enjoyed learning about Beachbody and Shakeology and will incorporate them again once I can find everything I packed. Hope that is good!!!

Tasha S

tashasmithThanks for all of your support and encouragement.””Yes, I finished the Beachbody Ultimate reset the last day of it I had lost 17 lbs, my goal was 20 lbs by my birthday which was yesterday jumped on the scale yesterday morning and was down 21.4 lbs. I’m pretty excited because I crushed that goal. Now onto the next one. 10 lbs this month… Glad to be working out again”